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Seekers is what we call our adult education program.  We do not ascribe to a fixed belief but consider our spiritual understanding an ongoing journey or "continual revelation" .  "Seekers" is a place where we can share and question our beliefs.  The subjects range widely from Quaker historical figures, poetry, personal spiritual autobiographies, and exploration of Bible verses.  Facilitation is shared among members and attenders.  Here is a collection of some of the handouts people have created for Seekers: 

Discussion on Pendle Hill Pamphlet #461Spiritual Gifts, the Beloved Community, and Covenant (PH #461) by Emily Provance (Kelso)

The poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins:  Spirit and Nature. (Palmerton) 

Easter/resurrection quotes with a few queries. (Lowry). 

Quaker Testimonies with history and queries. (Lowry)  

"The Understandings That I Live With "  (Spiritual Beliefs). (Zondervan-Droz) 

Handouts to Spiritual Beliefs and lyrics to "Water is Life."

Quote for possible Easter Reflections -Bishop Spong  2020 (Lowry)  

Easter and Spiritual Renewal (Corinthians, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Marcus Aureliums) 

The Nature of Love and Acts of Love (Barstow)

Making Friends more visible in the Wider Community. 11.24.2013 (Lowry)  

Living the Teachings of Jesus in Our World. (Gospel of Matthew, Tolstoy, Queries)

Forgiveness (Barstow)

Quakers and Oaths (The Bible and William Penn)

"That of God in everyone"  (Lowry)

Ecclesiastes  (Barstow)

Worship (Barstow)

State of the Meeting Threshing Session

February 25, 2024

Gratitude  (Kelso)

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